How it Works

Meeting business contacts and building relationships

How it Works

Your new contacts all have contacts they can share your business details with

Networking is all about meeting business contacts and building a relationship.  As you understand more about other member businesses and their capabilities it becomes easier to refer them to other contacts you have in your own network.  As a member of the group you will see and hear examples of work carried out by other members and build trust in what they do.

Similarly, you are able to present your own business, highlighting areas of expertise and advise the group about the types of customers you would like to support your business growth.  The better the group understand you and your business the more likely they will be to refer you to their contacts.

Success 4 Business is part of Business Networking International (BNI), the world’s largest and most successful business referral network and uses the structure and organisation of the meetings to maximise returns for its members.

One of the key benefits of this is the recording of activity and the monitoring of contributions of members.  If a member is not contributing they are not adding value to the group and may be asked to exit.

Common Questions

Q: Can anyone join the group?
A: Any business is eligible to join, however please check whether your business category is already taken. If we already have a member from your field you will not be able to join.

Q: Where do you meet and how often?
A: We meet every Wednesday morning, from 6:45 to 8:30, at Park Inn, Harlow,

Q: I want to come along but don’t know if this is right for me.
A: Joining a networking group is a long-term commitment and it may not be right for you. Perhaps, instead of joining, you may like to come along as our guest. This way, you can see how it all works without any commitment. In fact, many visitors who come along often walk away with real business. If you would like to come along as a visitor then visit our contact page.

Q: I am going to come along as a visitor. What do I need to bring?
A: We would be delighted for you to come along as our guest. Please bring with you enough business cards to hand out to all the business present (20+). Also please have something prepared to say about your business and what referrals you are looking for. We ask everyone to say a little something for just 60-seconds.
Finally, we also ask for £15 to cover the cost of the breakfast.

Q: How often do you meet?
A: Success 4 Business meets once a week every Wednesday morning. We do expect everyone to attend each week, but should circumstances prevent you from attending one week, you may send a substitute in your place. This may be a work colleague or someone you know from another company entirely.

Q: Why is attendance so strict?
A: It is the regular commitment that makes the group so successful. It takes time to build trust and confidence enough to feel able to pass referrals. By meeting every week we strengthen our business relationships within the group. Everyone makes that commitment to the group and to each other.
And besides, if you miss a week, you might miss that big referral…

Q: How much business is done between members?
A: A phenomenal amount. Some members have been in Success 4 Business for over ten years, and members rarely hesitate when it comes to renewing.
Because the value of membership goes way beyond getting your membership fees back.
It isn’t rare for members to get tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of business through in the course of a year. And that’s not even counting the value of the training, skills-building and additional networking opportunities that membership offers.

Q: How do you know new members are reputable?
A: The application to join asks for business references and we have a membership committee that checks them thoroughly before considering whether that person/company would be a good asset to the group.